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Hey there guys and ladies! just an update on what's going on with me!

I've just recently moved  into my school dorms because I was accepted into an RA position!

For whichever reason my schools internet does not take well to Deviant art so it very rarely displays the pages correctly or in anything resembling a legible format. So that can effect my ability to  respond and post to you guys.

The other thing is that RA training is very VERY time and energy consuming so that's also going to affect my ability to post stuff for you guys.

I owe some prizes and I'll work on them as soon as I can!

thanks for understanding and remember  :iconbwarchtor: is still looking for contestants!  Its a great story and a great environment so feel free to pitch in!
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Edit:   Hey there fellow deviants!  I'm just updating my journal to say that I'm going to be participating in the Xyphoid Process OCT being hosted on our very own Bwarchtor! ===> :iconbwarchtor:.   It's being hosted by the lovely, talented and 50 million more times organized than me :icongeocaecias:!    If you ever wanted to join in on an OCT now's the time to do it!  Granite is an extremely attentive and motivated artist with a knack for storytelling and exciting plots so this OCT is bound to be a great one!

This tourney will be for both Visual and written media (in separate brackets) and has only Just launched so you have ample to time to complete an audition!

Even if you're not sure  about entering I would encourage you mention it in your next journal!  We're trying to spread word of this one as far and wide as possible to make this tourney as BIG as possible.

That's all for now!   GregorLives OUT!

and remember!  :iconbwarchtor:  :iconbwarchtor:  :iconbwarchtor:  :iconbwarchtor:  :iconbwarchtor:  

BE THERE BE THERE BE THEREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello my fellow Deviants.

Looks like it's time for a new journal.  SO. Let's see whats up.

1.  School -
I've just completed my second year at the School of Visual Arts.  I'm fairly pleased with the results but I still have a ways to go before I'm hire-able.  I completed animating my 2nd year film and intend to fully color it before posting it online so that's something to look forward to.  I'm also happy to say that I was accepted for an RA position at the school so I'll be living in the dorms for free and organizing lots of events and outings so I'm pretty excited.  Tomorrow the school has a trip scheduled to Medieval Times for senior week!

Earlier in the year I bought a board game "Shadows over Camelot" because I'm on a never ending Arthurian bender.  It's a fun fucking game.

2. Summer -  
I'm back to work in NJ for the summer living back with my family and trying to save up as much as I can.  Hopefully I wont get as many closing hours as I did last summer so I'll have more time to focus on personal projects.  So far the only outings I have planned are to the Steampunk Worlds Fair and maybe an outing to the beach.           

3. Projects/To-Do List

- Animation Coloring and posting

- Finish Chapter 2 of TTORC and start making a schedule to adhere too (I'll never finish this thing otherwise)

- Buy and read through a "Grammar for Dummies" book to try and figure this here proper English shit out.

- Draw up all those prizes I owe people. (hopefully I can remember everyone I owe stuff too)

- Participate in the upcoming  Xyphoid Process OCT on bwarchtor. (?)

- Mervie Mouse Show with my buddy Mike.

I think that's about it for now.  Fuck I'm boring.
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Hello' fellow deviants.

It's been quite some time hasn't it?   Haven't been much in the mood to to update my journal lately I haven't really seen the point. Who the hell would read it?   Been pretty busy on my front.  Last semester started, proceeded, and ended mediocre-ly as per the previous 4 years status quo.  Patterns repeated, lessons left unlearned, ego inflated and deflated, freakouts calmed, hopes created and brought back down to reality.  Minor improvements have been made although not enough to get me a job yet.  That goal is still a long, long way off. if it to be claimable at all.  

I finally finished my "Cryptic Hymn" prizes with mixed results.  have been reminded of several more prizes that I now owe to other OCT winners that need to be created. (I'll  probably list them later).  :iconbwarchtor: still needs to be hosted and an experienced 3rd judge to be found.  Yet again another OCT I've made seems to go fairly unused.  Entries are late, if entered at all, and the site suffers from general lack of activity.  ts quite possible that i might retire from running it at this tourneys end.  I just don't feel the love for it like I use to and don't spend the time it requires to be a properly manned site.  My personal projects are once again abandoned for a while while I deal with my poor work ethic for school.  It really is a bit frightening,  having spent this long and recognizing that in a mere 2 years I will be expected to be good enough to be hired by a company to animate or storyboard or illustrate. And I'm not nearly ready.  And I'm not ready. Pathetic for a 23 year old.

Perhaps this is why I like writing for Daniel so much whenever I find the time to do so.  For fear of not completing his story anyway I have to say that despite his weak earlier representations and origin story he really is just a manifestation of the fear of failure. or perhaps the idea of my own failings.  He isn't brilliant.  He's capable and hard working but when the means to achieve a bright future were taken from him he descended and resigned himself to the bottom rung.  He could survive there despite the leaching of his brother of Daniels income but Daniel felt that he would never achieve higher.  That any hope of a better life was gone and survival through the grind was his highest he could strive for.  It killed him.  In a few short years he was dead to the world. Though he took some pride in his work he was little more then a golem performing a task without purpose or meaning.  It's then that Lillian enters the scene.  She is hope.  An Idiolized individual based on a first love interest who, after having taken an interest in Daniel for whichever reasons (ones I feel are best left ambiguous) breaths new life into him.  Through a series of mistakes Daniel looses her and believes her gone forever.  It is at this point Daniel is first introduced to the good people of Bwarchtor and The Tower of Revival.  It is this lack of hope that serves as Daniels primary character flaw. It fuels his sociopathic behavior and draws him ever more into his past life's previous form of Avon Rast.  Even in the actual TTOR he was willing to accept someone he knew not to be her as a substitute.  Not for lack of love for her but simply as a lack of ever seeing her again.
Daniel believes that he has gone as far as he ever will and that when you live on the bottom rung with no prospects of rising there really is no point in giving a solitary fuck about anyone else even in regards to others lives.  In TTOR Contingency I wish to convey that his only chance of saving his humanity and identity rest solely on the idea that he regain his hope for a better, happier existence and adjust his behavior accordingly to strive for that new future.  Strangely enough this will never, EVER result in his reuniting with Lillian.  She is simply the goal for which he can look towards and find strength and meaning to continue going forward.  Perhaps this says too much about me but  She isn't, and never will be, something to be achieved.  Lillian was originally supposed to have several segments in TTORC depicting her and Daniel and her final moments before her murder.  Instead I'm opting to leave her character depictions solely as idolized and  rose-lensed  descriptions and memories told and remembered by Daniel.              

Regardless she is gone and in many ways as irrelevant as never have existed all.  

I've rambled now and forgotten my original purpose for this post or why I felt inclined to talk about Daniel so much.

It grows late and I grow tired.
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I have one now.  Feel free to take a look at it here

It has and will have a decent amount of things that I don't post on DA. Right now it features some stages of developing of my art pieces for DA , a comic jam done with my buddy mike, and a good majority of the the animations I made this past year. =D     check it out!

Still hosting Codeword Davian on Bwarchtor

1: CD Meme
2: GraniteClaws WOTM Prize

Cryptic Hymn OCT
3: 2nd Round winners OC lineart -

4: 3rd place colored sketch iNSOMN14
5: 2nd place colored sketch solemnwar
6: 1st place colored drawing Mel-The-4th

7: TTORC C2 page 6 - In Progress

8: New Animated banner for OCT Followers
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For those of you who follow me but not the illustrious tournament account I occasionally have the privilege  of running I encourage you to check out the latest Tournament being hosted on :iconbwarchtor:


The countdown begins...

The fate of world pivots on an isolated island research facility. Owned by a Private military contracting company, the facility had nearly completed it's masterpiece weapon of untold destructive power when one of its researchers became disgruntled, turned the installations' security on his fellow researchers and took control of the base. All communications are cut off, a security satellite network makes a large-scale assault impossible, and the weapons' target is unknown. The only chance to stop the device is a short window of opportunity 20 minutes before its activation where in the person can enter the launch sequences' failsafe codeword into the central computer.

Rapidly exploding into an international crisis, Nations and Private interests across the planet are offering rewards beyond anyones wildest dreams to the person who can reach the main console first. Their motives are varied, many just want the weapon stopped, others want to change its target to their enemies, and some and want to claim the weapon and all the technological wonders of the facility for themselves.

and all the while the clock will be ticking...

Check it out, and tell your friends. We're currently accepting auditions till the 30th of April (with a possible extension)   So if you've ever had an interest in Original Character Tournaments check it out... yo

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Things to do this week.

1: Intro Comic and launch for Codeword Davian
2: 2 final prizes for Word of the Marshal
    - Torque fixing arm
    - Anneta as the Grand Marquess
3: Prizes for DemisesBreathOCT 1st round winners
4: Anatomy Work
5: research paper?

probably a load of other stuff as well :I
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I've come to the conclusion that damn near everyone is lonely as fuck.

They're favorite pass times include describing how lonely they are to each other.

:iconwalleyedplz: lol

I think the winter is getting to me, I'm becoming unhinged.  I've been so wound up these past two weeks it's not even funny.  I can't seem to unwind at all.

Things that need doing

~RA Application
    -About me art piece
    - 2 References
    - Essay questions

~Codeword Davian construction
  -island map
  -intro comic

~Research essay for Animation History
  -essay (lol they're going to happen at the same time the night before its due)

~The last of the WOTM prizes

~Chapter 2 of TTOR contingency
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Hey my kiddies :3  

I've been enjoying a few de-stress gin and tonics and I I'd like to say that I love you all here on DA. You're part of what keeps me going :D.

also I am once again in charge of the new :iconbwarchtor: tournament which I am currently writing the plot for. more on the in a while.  it'll be a guddn' you'll see. much better then last

so yeah.  just remember someone luv's ya.
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Hello my peoples I hope your respective holidays were as pleasant as my own.  Had much food and many good times. My top gift had to be the collection of Ben Templesmith Wormwood comics.

I'm working as many hours as I can this break cause I can use the money and my job might very well be called into question.   The atmosphere in store I work for has been on the decline for some years now but upon my return I have found the many issues that were eating away at our very security seemed  to have come to a pitch boil.  Things have gotten very bad indeed.  My managers, many I considered friends have been hallowed...  burned out.

The combination of their respective addictions (pills alcohol, or gambling), unfulfilled lives, and pressures from upper management has rendered them into twisted beings. They're behavior is that of the mad priest.  When the "higher powers" send down grumblings from on high of numbers not being met or excessive hours they bring an unwitting victim to the altar and offer up their dismembered head as payment under the guise of leadership. Just because it's the easiest thing to do and they don't give half a damn.

Many times it's the old hands which find themselves on the chopping block being the highest paid or least easy to control and condition to the new ever demanding changes to our duties.  To say that the conditions under which many of these former employees were terminated are suspicious is a great understatement. Many of them were dismissed by petty excuse in the failure to perform some trivial task or procedure that many others ignore the same. Others however... They were terminated with very dubious evidence of theft from the register, or suddenly taking hour and a half breaks I'm damn sure I saw them sign back in from at the right time.  I'm all but certain and the few people I trust agree with me that they were not thieves or sloths but victims of pettiness and indifference.

They were framed people

My friend Steven is one of these victims. He was the best groomer I've ever seen, I knew it, he knew and our grooming manager knew it and since our customers also knew it our grooming manager finally placed Steven on the chopping block because he kept the old prices(a difference of 5 dollars) for some of his 8 year long customers. something our manager over looked until his mediocre skill with a blade caused many customers to defect to Steven.   
What remains now is an environment of cut-throats and firebombs. either you are cutting throats for the numbers or you're holding a jar to drop.  A small group of trusted old hands and myself have banded together against this hostile new world and have reached out of the influence and over the heads of our tyrannical overlords to develop relations with HR. And having all been working for at least 5 years we all have rather large jars to drop and we keep them very close indeed.

My word don't we just

I've always just done my job and kept below the radar and that's been enough. However my full-time student status either means very little to the upper ups or they have been deliberately left ignorant of my position.  I have no reason to believe that it's not the latter and if I'm going to be next like Fuck if I'm going quietly. And I'll be damn sure I see my managers head on that block right next to mine.

They tolerate him because he does what they say but that two faced bastard has done things that they can't look the other way on, not if I make a big enough stink about it. And our GM will be questioned as to why he was protected and our DM will be questioned as to why he took no action. And that will at least make the other jars all that more heavy.

oh my won't it just.
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Welp its been like  a year and then some since I was awarded a premium membership for coming in third place for TTOR. What a waste it's been = P.  the only thing I think I'll really miss is being able to view more deviations on one page without ads bugging me.

anywhoooo   only a few days left till I'm back home for winter break. I'm going to be spending the majority of today animating my really crappy ballerina so joy for me.  Once I'm home I promise I'll finish up them prizes I owe the good peoples from WOTM.

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Fill in the blanks with your OCs.
Answer the questions, or try to.
TAG 3 people.

1) Daniel
2) Lillian
3) Esker
4) Veera Verona
5) Fayla Azaria
6) James Silver
7) Frank McCutchen

Lets do this shit :I

1. What if 7 (Frank) and 4 (Veera) kissed?

She'd burn him alive :D

2. Where would 2 (Lillian) bury a treasure?

In her own Grave 8I. or just stash it in her fathers gun safe

3. 3 (Esker) and 7 (Frank) get into a fight. Who resorts to violence first?

Depends how drunk Frank is and if he's trying to impress some chic at a bar >.> . But likley Esker because he can lose his temper and go kinda crazy.

4. 1 (Daniel) is kidnapped and their kidnapper demands a ransom of 1,000 dollars from 5 (Fayla). Do they help 1 (Daniel)?

Doubt it. She doesn't have that kind of money and she'll only meet him once in any case.

5. Who is stronger? 6 (James) or 4 (Veera)?

James is a tough guy. and he's got access to futuristic tech... but Veera can use hardcore magic. mmm I'll go with Veera

6. Who is 3 (Esker)'s secret love?

That's actually a very interesting question. Never really thought about it but I don't think he can have one. compassion and what not was probably removed when he was made the way he is.

7. Can 2 (Lillian) juggle?
Fuck yeah she can.

8. 1 (Daniel) is asked on a date by their favorite actor/actress. Do they accept the date?

That's a stupid question

9. What is 5 (Fayla)'s biggest fear?
Not being able to track down Veera and making her reverse The Rot. as well as being lost in the space between worlds.

10. A meteor is about to hit the planet, can 7 (Frank), 2 (Lillian), and 4 (Veera) stop it?

Well Veera could probably use a spell to stop it from the Everto Dico but only by sacrificing the latter two OCs o_O

11. Is 4 (Veera) single?

Yes she extremely independent. . .

13. Does 1 (Daniel) wish this TAG was over?

He's livid with rage... but he's always like that

14. 6 (James) and 7 (Frank) are dancing to the waltz. 2 (Lillian) comes in and sees them dancing. 2 (Lillian)'s reaction?

"another damn gay bar?!"

15. 2 (Lillian) and 4 (Veera) go to the movies. What movie do they see?

Doesn't matter, Veera would freak out at the moving pictures and burn the place down minutes into the opening trailers.

16. You are attacked by 1 (Daniel), 3 (Esker), and 6 (James). Can you survive?

Possibly, if James convinced them not to kill me.  

17. What is 4 (Veera)'s favorite color?


18. Can 7 (Frank) sing?

Yes, that's how he gets all the ladies.

19. A vampire bites 2 (Lillian). 4 (Veera) sees this, what do they do?

Lol after her last encounter with a vampire? Veera would probably just burn them both

20. All the characters get into a battle Royal. Who will win?

Hard to say, Daniel and Lillian would partner up but they're just regular people for the most part. Frank would run and hide. Veera and Fayla would be totally focused on fighting each other and it depending on who wins that match up.  Fayla would try to take Veera alive and leave, Veera would just start attacking everyone.  James is a trained fighter but he does non-lethal attacks only which could wind up costing him.  Esker tends to avoid conflict but he was designed for warfare.

so I'm thinking either Esker or Veera
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Right soooo

I’m now a full time student of the SVA and resident of New York City. Hurray for me.  This school is pretty damn awesome and filled to the goddamn brim with people way more talented than I am ^.^; which is actually pretty intimidating. People ask to see my sketchbook after I look at theirs and I’m just like… :I   mine sucks.  My classes are going well I’m keeping up with the work load and doing a lot more drawing in my spare time.  I’m living with my aunt, uncle and cousin in their apartment which has already produced some horrifying, soul scarring events the details of which may come in comic form some time later. I try to stay out of the apartment as much as possible to stay productive in any case.

Creative wise… setting aside my school work my sketchbook has been filling up with more drawings then ever.  I’ve reworked, or more to the point actually worked, on a design for Lillian, Greg, and Latigo in preparation   for drawing out the second chapter of the Tower of Revival Contingency. Don’t expect it any time soon though, looking at my writing I think I’m going to have to rework where my endgame is going before advancing with the current chapter. We’ll see how that goes.

3 Credit Comics is indefinitely in limbo by reason of :iconmikepatten: and myself have somewhat larger fish to fry at this time as well as our  buddy Stephen who had been updating the site manually (having to rewrite pages manually in HTML) is a little busy himself.  We’re looking to set up a simple word press in future but we’ll see how that goes.  I actually came across the last comic I did for 3CC in my to-do folder so I’ll probably do a quick color job and put it up here some time this week.  

WOTM is doing alright, it’s in its last round right now. I still have an excess of prizes to draw up so I’d better get on that as well.    

Oh and Minecraft.... dear lord
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Glancing at my journal I realized that I hadn’t updated it in forever. Summer went by fast.  

With the leaving of our dear friend Bwarch I had to step out of the WOTM OC tournament and work as a judge. Sucks but a bit of a relief I suppose. I’ve been pretty stagnant lately haven’t been able to sit and draw anything except for some doodles in my sketchbook at work. I should be drawing prizes and comics and all sorts of things but can’t really seem to bring myself to do anything.

Moving to New York to live with my aunt while I attend my first year at SVA on the 28th. I’m kind of excited to start the new year.  Bought myself a new Mac book pro to help me with animating so that’s pretty cool. The ipod touch it came with arrived today so I’ve been messing around with that.

Can’t even type in complete sentences…

So ya… been spending most of my days working, reading and playing starcraft 2 online with :iconda-whoopster:

Need to do something productive

I need the motivation to do something productive =P

So ya… reallllll blah over here
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Round 1 is posted.

Veera must now face :iconlykourgos-kreios: & :iconbrother-link: and their vampire/alchemist duo! ... or at least I think the other is an alchemist... I need to do my research. ^.^'   

Buuuuut it's mah birthday! time for celebration.
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GUESS WHO MADE IT INTO THE MOTHER F*CKING S. *fistpumps* V. *fistpumps* A. *fistpumps*

The school of Visual Arts in New York

I've been waiting for over a month to hear from these people, I was so worried that I was going to get the little envelope with "I'm sorry to inform you that…" at the top.  I was laying awake at night wishing I had put more on my portfolio believing that I wasn't very good at what I was trying to do, that my portfolio was too underdeveloped.  BUT I MADE IT IN!

I walked out to my mailbox and inside was a big ass envelope with the S.V.A. logo stamped on the front.  

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy!!!

*cough* ahem… yes quite…   

Any whooo   Word of the Marshal OCT on :iconbwarchtor: is currently taking auditions! If you love steam punk give it a gander! The deadline is negotiable so please don't count yourself out on that account.  If you are not free to compete why not donate some prizes? We love prizes. And everyone loves seeing there characters drawn.     

And while youre at it why not let your friends know about us? Pimp us in your journals. You know you wanna.
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Lookie what I deeeeed. ---> :iconbwarchtor:
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False alarm peoples ^_^;…
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Ya so... You know how I said I'd try and get the next page of TTOR Contingency out before break ended?  yaaaaa sorry about that. >.>

I still have so much the vital stuff that needs to be done and has arises to be done that I have to place it aside once again.

mm yup.

On the plus side I'm trying to do what ever I can to get into Bwarchtors next tournament once we get it planned out.

and now for something completely different... which I stole

Post a comment and I'll...
a) Tell you why I befriended you.
b) Associate you with something - a song, a color, a photo, a mental image, etc. (I can pretty much answer this one right here: your avatar, just like I remember faces instead of names, I remember avatars instead of usernames, but I can try to come up with something else too)
c) Tell you something I like about you.
d) Tell you a memory I have of you.
e) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
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